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Episode 014 - Jewel Riders 25th Anniversary Special

September 10, 2020
Can you believe it's been 25 Magical Years since Jewel Riders debuted on September 10th, 1995? Chris are Ronnie are joined once again by Stormy and Natalie (Morning Glory) of the Avalon Website, Lisa Dawn of the Princess Blog, and first-time guest fan fiction author Elizabeth!
They discuss their two favorite and one least favorite episodes, the history of Jewel Riders fandom and the founding of the Jewel Riders Archive in 2015, and all they've learned and enjoyed from the Archive over the past five years.
So join the fun and excitement of the Jewel Riders Archive's 5th Anniversary and the show's 25th!
Check out our first conversation with the Circle of Friends!
Wayback Machine Avalon Website:
Elizabeth's Jewel Riders Fan Fiction:
* * *
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